Healthcare Facilities


The first hospital, City International Hospital is going to be completed by the middle of January 2013 and will be operated in April 2013.


There will be a total of 6 medical facilities on the site (a General Hospital and 5 Specialist Hospitals) with 3 hospitals support facilities.

The first hospital in the IHHP is the City International Hospital, consisting of 320 beds, complete with inpatient and outpatient wards with modern facilities. ParkwayHealth, Asia's leading and largest private healthcare service provider based in Singapore, will be the Operator of the City International Hospital.

The total medical facility, including a medical research centre and laboratory is spread over a land area of 116,658 m2. Key medical staff will be selected from international and local, sourced through stringent recruitment processes to facilitate the delivery of world-class quality healthcare services. The total number of beds proposed for the entire IHHP is 1,750 beds.



Medical Suites

The planned medical suites will be constructed next to the City International Hospital for medical specialists to provide consultancy services to patients. The medical suites will be the first of its kind in Vietnam.

The medical suites are connected to the general hospital for easy access, designed to cater to the needs of patients as well as the medical professionals.



Laboratory & Research Center

The Hospital Laboratory & Research Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive, high-quality laboratory services to physicians, patients, and the wider community. Laboratory services are provided for all clinical, surgical and pathology services throughout the IHHP, including an in-house blood collection facility for transfusion and testing.